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The head office of  STEP-TAXI company is located in the town of Nessebar and its business is about providing taxi transport of passengers and cargos.

In 1997 we established our business and with the gradual increase of the client base and their various demands we expanded our fleet, the services offered by us and we cooperate for rendering other services.  Our work focus is on the trustworthy relations, keeping up with our promises and all undertakings.

Our customers and partners are various hotels, restaurants, holiday complexes, tourist companies, real estate agencies, non-residents and property owners and last but not least the local people.

The only reason for our existence and development is You – our satisfied clients. That is why we do every effort so that our services are as useful as possible for you.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to answer you.

For contacts:

business name “STEP-TAXI”

“STEP – Petko Rajkovski”

Nesebar, Bulgaria

Petko Rajkovski

phone:  +359 877 505 567