one-day excursion.
The city of Varna is the marine capital of Bulgaria.
One can visit the following sites:
– the Dolphinarum   /show presented with dolphins/
– Aquarium Varna
– Zoo
– Archaeological museum
– the Cathedral temple “The Assumption”
– Planetarium Varna
– the Marine garden – a pleasant place to have a walk
– Free time in the city /the mall/
Without any schedule in advance – the choice what to visit is yours.

 ”Pobiti Kamani” is a unique phenomenon that has no equivalent on global scale and occupies an area of 70 square kilometres, while the formations are grouped in several categories of various shape and sizes up to 5 meter high. Many resemble particular silhouettes thus they are named in different ways – “The Stone Guards”, “The Camel”, “The Throne”, “The Stone Wood” etc. The phenomenon is located near a fountain that was built above a spring whose water is believed to be the most healing and healthy on the territory of Bulgaria.

Boat trip  –  If you want to see the biggest Bulgarian river – Kamchiya there is a possibility for a short boat trip there on the way to Varna – itis an option which depends on your own wish. It’s your decision.