one-day excursion

  Aladzha monastery – the rocky monastery was founded in XI-XII century by monk-hermits. In the 25-meter vertical karst rock they dug caves where the monk cells and a small church were located. The includes in addition two small catacombs. Some caves still keep several very well-preserved wall-paintings that date back to the 13th-14th century that are impressive with their bright colours, hence it was named “Aladzha” /from the Turkish word for multicoloured/. According to some historians the monastery was built and inhabited as early as in the 4th century.

  Balchik  – an ancient town that was inhabited by the ancient Thracian people.  Later it was populated by Greek immigrants and the town was named after the god Dionysius – Dioniysopolis. It is worth mentioning that in 2007 during the excavation works on the occasion of a hotel construction, the temple of the Earth Goddess Cybele was found that is unique not only for Bulgaria but also for the Balkan region. According to the archaeologists this is the best preserved temple globally that was active for 700 years. Rituals were held there even 100 years after the Christening.

  The castle and the botanical garden – one of the 100 tourist sites is among the most significant sightseeing places in town. The territory of the former summer residence of the Romanian queen Maria boasts with great variety of plant species from all over the world where around 2500 species are reared and located among decorative brooks, waterfalls and small rivers. One of the most attractive garden parts is the cacti collection that occupies 1 decare of open area and is among the richest in Europe.

Boat trip  –  If you want to see the biggest Bulgarian river – Kamchiya there is a possibility for a short boat trip there on the way to Varna – itis an option which depends on your own wish. It’s your decision.