one-day excursion

   Veliko Tarnovo is the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and with its rich cultural and historical heritage, the Tsarevets and Trapezitsa strongholds, the craftsmen street “Samovodska charshiya” and the numerous museums it is an attractive tourist centre. The City of Tsars hosts numerous festivals and gatherings, and the audio-visual spectacle “Sound and light” is projected on Tsarevets stronghold. Some of the 100 national tourist sites are the Regional historical museum and the Architectural-museum reserve “Tsarevets”.
  The village of Arbanasi is located at 5 km off the city of Veliko Tarnovo where some of the rich boyars of the City of Tsars as well as the most prominent tradesmen families lived. Many crafts were developed – stock breeding and vine growing, silkworms were reared and they produced silk, goldsmith’s trade was also widely developed. The history of Arbanasi is rich and what could be seen today – around 150 houses with richly decorated interior, 5 churches and 2 monasteries fascinate us with their beauty, skilfulness and taste.