one-day excursion.
The town of Sozopol is an archaeological and architectural reserve – one of the most ancient towns in Bulgaria that was founded in  610 B.C. by the Miletian Greeks and named Apollonia Pontica. With its rich cultural and historical heritage, old houses some of which date back to the 18th century, the archaeological museum that is one of the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria, Sozopol is a preferred tourist destination for the Bulgarian and foreign visitors. In the end of August and the beginning of September the town hosts the annual “Apollonia” festival – the art fests.

Ropotamo reserve /a trip with a boat/ –  Ropotamo river is at 15 km off the town of Sozopol. The reserve of the same name is located around its mouth at an area exceeding 1000 hectares that is enchanting with its beauty and amazing nature. One can see many interesting rock formations there – the Lion’s head, the Merry rock, and the sand dunes are among the largest in Bulgaria. The region has rare flora and fauna and you can enjoy the beautiful white water lilies /that bloom in May/, the desert orchid, the dense forests, lianas, and climbing plants, and the reserve territory is home of one of the largest deposits of sea wormwood. It is worth mentioning that in its beginning the river is fresh-watered and after several kilometres it turns salty. A trip with a boat in the reserve along one of the most beautiful rivers in Bulgaria is a pleasant experience indeed.

The Castle in Ravadinovo – About 2 kilometers away from the town of Sozopol, there is a truly magical place, which will throw you back in the world of fairy tales, once you enter it. You may take a long serene walk, in the beautiful flower garden, with stone statues and fountains, accompanied by a curious peacock, enjoy a cup of coffee around the lake or climb the steps up to the top of its high ivy-covered towers.

The castle of Ravadinovo, expressively named” In love with the wind”, is the only place of this kind in the country and is definitely worth visiting.