one-day excursion

  The natural park “Sinite kamani” is famous for its clean air, specific forest climate and its rich flora and fauna /some of the species found here were announced for endangered species threatened with extinction/. The name of the natural park originates from specific moss with which the rocks are overgrown. Depending on the time and season this moss looks in differently – blue, grey or green. One can reach the locality “sinite kamani” via the ski chair, and the highest point in the natural park is Balgarka peak – 1181 meters being the highest peak in Eastern Stara planina. Balgarka peak is easily accessible and frequently visited by the tourists.
 Zheravna – one of the most picturesque villages in Bulgaria that cuddles amidst hilly mountainous region in proximity to the town of Kotel. More than 200 wooden houses are preserved here, some of which are more than 300 years old and they were turned into museums; many stores, workshops and old inns are preserved as well. The rooms of the houses are with wood-carved ceilings and exquisite appliqués at the doors, windows and iconostases. Everything is covered with fabrics produced in this region and with the worldwide famous Kotel carpets. Zheravna is also famous for its numerous fountains. Many clear and cool springs originate in the area, most of which are guided towards the fountain spouts. The village offers good opportunities for recreation and tourism; there are also favourable conditions for horse-riding.