On our way to the top of the mountain we are first going to pass by the Television tower, then drive through trackless and virgin soil terrains, surpass a number of small villages, cross a river and stop for a little rest in “St Konstantin and Elena” a small chapel famous with its holly waters.  If interested you may try your shooting abilities with pneumatic weapon but only in places suitable for this purposes.

Our next stop will be in a really old small village named Erkech – nowadays called also Kozichino. With its many authentic  houses , one of them now a museum and local people managed to  preserve and still cherish their  history, traditions and language.  It is said that the name of the village comes from the two Turkish words “erken” and “getch” meaning “pass and go” or “pass faster”. -this was how Turkish people called it to pay a note for a danger. With a purpose – founded around 5-6 Century AD the village was  well known for its strong, intransigent and independent  local  people living there –  no foot  of a Turk has ever been admitted to sleep the night in the village or if so has never  survived the day after ,the folks still remember.

In the Year 1900 in the village was installed and started functioning  the first machine for production of Lemonade /a traditional Bulgarian drink/ and so is until present days, where still tourists may try it, made by the same old technology.

14:00 – Lunch in a traditional Bulgarian village Prosenek. / Is not mandatory and is not included /.

15:30 – Leaving Prosenek.

16:30 – Coming back.

Price per person – 65lv.  / 33€ /

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