one-day excursion

Architectural-ethnographic complex “Etara” 

The first museum of this type in the open air in Bulgaria that is a recreation of the Bulgarian domestic life, culture and craftsmanship. It is located at 8 km South of the town of Gabrovo. Here one can see the only collection in Bulgaria of water-driven machinery and it is interesting to know that everything operates just like in the past and one unnoticeably gets carried away several centuries ago. In addition to the permanent exhibitions from May until October there is a demonstration of home crafts and guest exhibitions. The architectural-ethnographic complex “Etara” is one of the 100 national tourist sites that is being visited by the tourists all year round.
  Shipka and temple-monument Birth of Christ. The national park-museum Shipka is located at Shipka peak where there are 26 monuments that covers places related with the defensive actions for the Shipka passage – restoration of the positions of the passage defenders, batteries and dug-outs. The Shipka monument was built as Medieval tower and was solemnly open in 1934. 890 steps lead you to there. Sarcophagus with the bones of the passage defenders is located at the ground floor on four lying lions and the other floors contain various personal items, arms, medals, photographs and documents related to the Bulgarian army of volunteers and the Russian soldiers that defended the passage. The monument roof provides an extraordinary panorama – they say that if weather is fine one can see the entire of Bulgaria. The fascinating temple-monument “Birth of Christ” is located in the foot of Shipka peak – both sites are part of the 100 national tourist sites.
Shipka – opening hours:
from Monday to Sunday;
in the summer (from April to October) – from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m.
winter (from November to March) – from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m.
Entrance fees: for adults – 2 BGN
Discussion: in Bulgarian language – 5 BGN, in foreign language – 10 BGN.